FileRescue Pro

FileRescue Pro

An easy-to-use utility designed to restore deleted files and folders
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FileRescue Pro can recover deleted or lost files. It can also prevent data loss by allowing you to create images of a given drive, which can also be restored later after the cause of hardware malfunction has been eliminated. Fortunately, it supports any type of storage media, including hard disks, digital cameras, USB external drives, etc. Likewise, it works on all the types of file systems supported by Windows, such as FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS and NTFS 5. The application can ignore the access permissions set on NTFS drives.

The program´s interface resembles that of Windows Explorer, which eases the process of operating. However, there may still be users who are not sure what they should do next when the main window appears. Luckily, there is a well-organized help file where you can find the answers to most of your doubts. The application works by scanning the drive and creating a list of the deleted files. In order to start a scan, you should press the button labeled as “open drive files”. Then, in a wizard-like fashion, you can decide whether you want the program to perform a full-drive scan or not. Along with the resulting file names, you can also see how high the probability of successful recovery for each file is. Luckily, the program works independently of file types. Moreover, since long lists of lost files can be difficult to manage, you can also apply filters so that only the desired file types are shown. From then on, recovering a specific file only requires selecting it and choosing a recovery location.

All in all, FileRescue Pro is a powerful program allowing multiple options and functions. It is a real shame that the trial version allows the recovery only of files below 64k, which limits our possibilities of evaluating its performance with voluminous files.

Pedro Castro
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  • It can create or restore drive image files
  • It supports any type of storage media
  • It works on all the types of file systems supported by Windows
  • It can avoid file permissions
  • It supports all file types
  • It allows applying filters


  • Using it for the first time may require consulting the help file
  • Only files below 64k can be recovered using the trial version
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